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Four delightful melodies from Tamil film Savithri (1941)

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Savithri was a 1941 Tamil blockbuster starring the great queen of Carnatic music Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi as mythological sage Narada with the Hindi-Marathi legendary singing star Madam Shanta Apte who was also classicaly trained in not only music but also dance, as princess Savithri.

The songs were a real beauty mostly composed by then famous Papanasam Sivam. Shanta Apte sang 10 songs (8 solos and 2 duets with director actor and hero of this movie – Y. V. Rao) and M. S. had 6 solos. Apart from this Chinnaiya playing the role of Hindu God of death – Yama had 1 solo and comedian pair Vinoth and Menaka had one duet.

Shanta Apte was so devoted to her carrier that unlike present-day actresses, she learnt Tamil just to act and sing in the film. Also it was brave of the hero and director of this movie Y. V. Rao to cast a Hindi-Marathi actress in a Tamil movie and M. S. in a male role. Y. V. Rao played the role of Savithri’s husband Sathyavan.

Here are the first three songs  that I uploaded on YouTube (enjoy) :

1. Bruhi Mukundethi by Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi

2. Anandamana Ullasamudan by Madam Shanta Apte

3. Jayadeviye Jagadambike Karunaiyai Arulvai Devi by Shanta Apte and a big female chorus

I also appreciate YouTube user loserbaer’s effort of uploading this heavenly M. S. solo:

4. Maname Kanamum by M. S.

Chinnaiah is also on screen over here.

Although two more M. S. solos are available as MP3. Hope you enjoyed them, I shall upload the remaining songs soon.

Film Songs of the 40s – collection part 1

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Here are some delightful old film songs from the 40s. You can go to and convert the videos into mp3 by pasting the YouTube page URL. Enjoy!

Savithri (1941) (Tamil)

Zamindar (1942)

Tansen (1943)

Lal Haveli (1944)

Zeenat (1945)

Village Girl (1945)

Anmol Ghadi (1946)

Jugnu (1947)

Mirza Sahiban (1947)