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Another big tribute to Madam Shanta Apte because of my craze for her

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Iam just so fond of Madam Shanta Apte. She was a singer-actress of the 30s and 40s. She mainly performed in Hindi and Marathi films, but also did a Tamil film – Savithri (1941) with great South Indian singer-actress and Carnatic musician Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi. She also sang an English song for her most famous film Duniya Na Mane (1937) – In the world’s broad field of battle. She had such a unique singing and acting style! I plan to create a site in honour of her soon.

I hope you would like the site and also the related YouTube channel I plan to create for her.

Tribute to the divine mother on Navaratri

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Here is a song as a tribute to Goddess Shakti on Navaratri, sung by Shanta Apte in Savithri (1941): Karunaiyai Arulvai Devi

The film had a lot of devotional songs to the mother Goddess, some other songs will be uploaded soon.

Another lovely Shanta Apte song, in Marathi: Jaya Devi Mangalagauri. The film is the 1937 blockbuster Kunku/Duniya Na Mane (Hindi remake).

Om Shakti!

A tribute to Lataji on her birthday

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Here are some awesome songs, a glimpse through the legend Lata Mangeshkar’s glorious singing career.

1. Teri Mehfil Mein Qismat Aazmaakar Ham Bhi Dekhenge with Shamshad Begum Ji in Mughal-E-Azam (1960), picturised on Madhubala, Nigar Sultana, Dilip Kumar and others

2. Woh Chand Khila Woh Tare Hanse in Anari (1959), Mukesh also sings a line

Picturised on Raj Kapoor and Nutan

3. Dil Ka Khilona Haye Toot Gaya in Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959), picturised on Ameeta

4. Aaja Re Pardesi in Madhumati (1958) picturised on Vyjayantimala and Dilip Kumar (LATA WON THE BEST PLAYBACK SINGER FILMFARE AWARD FOT THE FIRST TIME HERE)

5. Ab Aage Teri Marzi in Devdas (1955) picturised on Vyjayantimala, Dilip Kumar, Motilal and others

6. Na Milta Gham To Barbadi Ke Afsane Kahan Jate in Amar (1954) picturised on Nimmi

7. Door Koi Gaye Dhun Ye Sunaye with Shamshad Begum and Mohammed Rafi in Baiju Bawra (1952), picturised on Meena Kumari, Bharat Bhushan and others

8. Zindgi Badli Mohabbat Ka Maza Aane Laga with Rajkumari Ji in Anhonee (1952), picturised on Nargis’s double-role

9. Dheere Se Aaja Ri Akhiyan Mein in Albela (1951) picturised on Bhagwan and a girl

10. O Gore Gore with Amirbai Karnataki Ji in Samadhi (1950)

Picturised on Nalini Jaywant, Kuldip Kaur, Ashok Kumar and others

11. Panchi Ban Mein Piya Piya Gane Laga in Babul (1950) picturised on Nargis

12. Chale Jaana Nahin Nain Milake in Badi Bahen (1949) picturised on Geeta Bali and Pran

13. Jiya Beqarar Hai, Chaai Bahar Hai in Barsat (1949) picturised on Nimmi

14. Aayega Aayega Aayega Aanewala in Mahal (1949) picturised on Madhubala and Ashok Kumar (LATA’S FIRST HIT SONG)

15. Bedard Tere Dard Ko in Padmini (1948)

16. Paa Lagu Kar in Aap Ki Seva Mein (1947) (LATA’S FIRST PLAYBACK SONG)

And the song I uploaded as a tribute to her, an evergreen duet of her and another amazing singer cum actress, Madam Shanta Apte. It is a 3 minute song with the remaining time with a slideshow of pictures of Lata and Shanta.

17. Main Khili Khili Phulwari with Shanta Apte Ji in Subhadra (1946)

May Lata live long, ending my tribute to her here.

A Tribute To My Mother On Her Birthday

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Here is our blog dedicated to my grandmother

My mother is very dear to me, she is very active and cheerful. Although she has to do most of the housework and also money-paid work, she treats us with so much care and affection. Happy Birthday Mummy! May you live long. Sharing with you some of my mother’s dear movie songs:

First, here is a famous Madam Noor Jehan number from Badi Maa (1945), both my mother’s and my favourite:

Then we move on to a lovely Madam Shanta Apte song in the Tamil film Savithri (1941)

And here is a really melodious song of Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi in Savithri again

A lovely Madam Shamshad Begum – Madam Lata Mangeshkar duet in Deedar (1951)

Madam Zohrabai sings in Rattan (1944):

A great rendition by Madam Amirbai in Kismat (1943)

And ending the tribute with another lovely Noor Jehan song in Zeenat (1945):

Hope you shall live happily for the rest of your life, mummy!

Four delightful melodies from Tamil film Savithri (1941)

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Savithri was a 1941 Tamil blockbuster starring the great queen of Carnatic music Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi as mythological sage Narada with the Hindi-Marathi legendary singing star Madam Shanta Apte who was also classicaly trained in not only music but also dance, as princess Savithri.

The songs were a real beauty mostly composed by then famous Papanasam Sivam. Shanta Apte sang 10 songs (8 solos and 2 duets with director actor and hero of this movie – Y. V. Rao) and M. S. had 6 solos. Apart from this Chinnaiya playing the role of Hindu God of death – Yama had 1 solo and comedian pair Vinoth and Menaka had one duet.

Shanta Apte was so devoted to her carrier that unlike present-day actresses, she learnt Tamil just to act and sing in the film. Also it was brave of the hero and director of this movie Y. V. Rao to cast a Hindi-Marathi actress in a Tamil movie and M. S. in a male role. Y. V. Rao played the role of Savithri’s husband Sathyavan.

Here are the first three songs  that I uploaded on YouTube (enjoy) :

1. Bruhi Mukundethi by Madam M. S. Subbulakshmi

2. Anandamana Ullasamudan by Madam Shanta Apte

3. Jayadeviye Jagadambike Karunaiyai Arulvai Devi by Shanta Apte and a big female chorus

I also appreciate YouTube user loserbaer’s effort of uploading this heavenly M. S. solo:

4. Maname Kanamum by M. S.

Chinnaiah is also on screen over here.

Although two more M. S. solos are available as MP3. Hope you enjoyed them, I shall upload the remaining songs soon.

Lovely melodies from Zamindar (1942)

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Music by Ghulam Haider:

Click here for plot summary

Sweet renditions by Shanta Apte, Shamshad Begum and Ghulam Haider himself.

1. Chota Sa Sansar Hamara by Shanta Apte

2. Arman Tadapte Hain by Shanta Apte

More coming up soon!

Zamindar (1942)

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Zamindar (1942) poster

Zamindar is a 1942 blockbuster of Pancholi films that starred Shanta Apte and S. D. Narang (also hero of Khazanchi – 1941) with M. Esmail, Manorama and Ghulam Mohammed.

Here is a plot summary from

The village zamindar, Ganesh (Ghulam Mohammed), sacks his faithful manager Raghubir (M Ismail). Raghubir’s daughter, Rupa (Shanta Apte), loves the zamindar’s son, Karan (SD Narang). When Karan sides with Raghubir and Rupa, he is disinherited. The villagers fed up with Ganesh decide to kill him. Ganesh is found dead having been shot with Karan’s gun. Karan is arrested. Rupa then finds a clue identifying the real killer…

Here are the songs, a real beauty composed by Master Ghulam Haider