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Tansen (1943) songs

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Tansen is a Kundan Lal Saigal Sahab blockbuster. His heroine here is Madam Khursheed, one of the top singer-actresses of that period who later migrated to Pakistan (but made only 2 unsuccessful movies there). She was ‘Tani’, and Saigal was the legendary musician Tansen here. Here are the awesome melodies:

Music by Khemchand Prakash

1. Diya Jalao Jugmug Jugmug (in Raag Deepak) by K. L. Saigal Sahab, picturised on himself, Mubarak (playing the role of Mughal Emperor Akbar) and others

2. Kahe Guman Kare Gori by Saigal, picturised on himself and Khursheed

3. Sapt Suran Teen Gram by K. L. Saigal, picturised on himself, Mubarak and others

4. Rumjhum Rumjhum Chaal Tihari by Saigal, picturised on himself, Khursheed and an elephant

5. Ghata Ghanghor Ghor Mor Machaye Shor by Madam Khursheed, picturised on herself with glimpses of Saigal

6. Baagh Laga Doon Sajni by Saigal, picturised on himself and Khursheed

7. More Balpan Ke Sathi by Saigal and Khursheed

Part 1:

Part 2:

8. Ab Raja Bane More Balam Wo Din Bhool Gaye by Khursheed, with glimpses of Saigal again

9. Aao Gori Aao Shyama by Khursheed, picturised on herself and Saigal

10. Dukhia Jiara by Khursheed, picturised on herself

11. Some Raags by Saigal:

1.Darbari Kanada

2. Miyan Ki Malhar

3. Miyan Ki Todi

12. Barso Re Barso Re by Khursheed, picturised on herself, other girls and Saigal (in Raag Megh Malhar)