Village Girl AKA Gaon Ki Gori (1945) songs

A (and the only) Noor Jehan – Nazir starrer, a blockbuster, a great musical with an interesting storyline, and fantastic cast of acting and singing – that’s what Village Girl was. Music by the great Shyam Sundar and direction by M Amarnath. Cast included Nazir, Noor Jehan – leading pair, Durga Khote –  hero’s mother, Rama Shukul – villain, with Shanta Patel, Geeta Nizami, Rajkumari Shukla(not the great playback singer, this is an actress usually playing mother roles), Jagdish Sethi, Anant Marathe, Bikram Kapoor playing side roles. I really treasure all the songs. The film launched Madam Noor Jehan to great heights. It also has a great Qawwali (scroll below to it for a surprise!)

1. Sajan Pardesi Balam Pardesi by Madam Noor Jehan on herself

2. Main Kheton Ka Panchi, Mere Pankh Nirale by Noor Jehan on herself

3. Rut Aayi Suhani Hai by Noor Jehan singing for herself and G M Durrani singing for Nazir

4. Saiyan Salone Se Nain Milake by Madam Amirbai Karanataki, picturised on Geeta Nizami’s lovely dance

5. Kis Tarha Bhoolega Dil by Noor Jehan on herself

This song was recorded in Zohrabai’s voice too but finally the Noor Jehan version was chosen

6. Ye Kaun Hansa, Kisne Sitaron Ko Hansaya – Noor Jehan on herself

7. Baithi Hoon Teri Yaad Ka Lekarke Sahara by Noor Jehan, singing for herself

8. Bansi Ki Madhur Dhun Se Mere Bhag Jaga De, Amirbai on Durga Khote. Jagdish Sethi, Bikram Kapoor and Anant Marathe are among the chorus

9. O Pardesi Raja, Koyal Kook Rahi Aaja by Madam Shanta Patel on herself, Madam Amirbai and Madam Rajkumari on others. In this upload the song is thrice back-to-back

10. Jai Jai Radhe Shyam Bolo by Durga Khote, Jagdish Sethi and others on themselves. This is a short Bhajan and actually cannot be considered as a song.

11. Aji Dil Ho Qaboo Mein To by Mohammed Rafi on Nazir and G M Durrani on Bikram Kapoor and others. Mohammed Rafi considers this his first Hindi film song, although he sang before in Pehle Aap (1944)

12. Hum Hindustan Ki Khatir by G M Durrani on Nazir and chorus on others


13. Tune Dekha Ik Nazar Aur Dil Ka Chaska Kar Diya by Madam Kalyani, Madam Amirbai on Rehana and others, Madam Zohrabai on herself (!!!!) and others, and Madam Rajkumari

Here’s a great chance to see Zohrabai. In the third stanza you can see her behind singing for a girl in the front.

Hope you liked it.


8 Responses to “Village Girl AKA Gaon Ki Gori (1945) songs”

  1. What a delight it is to see all these songs together in these great ’40s Noor Jehan films. All Noor’s songs are great… But I can see that there are a few other great singers in Village Girl as well…

    Of course, that women’s qawwali is great even if Noor Isn’t singing…because of who is. Yes, very nice to see Zohrabai actually in the film! And wow, look at young Rehana! Needless to say, Noor also looks very cute in this song, even if she is just a cheering spectator this time. 🙂

    • Actually not few, Mr. Richard, a lot of the best singers of the 40s! Did you recognise Zohrabai? In the third stanza. I really had to put some effort to make out all singers in the Qawwali and O Pardesi Raja. In the latter I was (and many others were, probably) introduced to a new singer-actress – Shanta Patel. She was great as NJ’s friend. Do you like Geeta Nizami, I’m a great fan of hers.

  2. Dr K Prabhakar Says:

    You have missed the songs of the great actor singer Surendranath.
    Plesae post them too. He was one of the greatests along with KL Saigal. You can not afford to miss him.

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

    • Dear Sir, the Surendra songs you are talking about are from another Village Girl, one decade before in Village Girl (1936). Equally fantastic singer Rajkumari Ji was the heroine of that film. If Surendra Ji was the hero of this film, the film’s songs would have probably been double their number! I definitely agree about his greatness. I will post this 1936’s Village Girl songs sometime. A popular Rajkumari number, Kanhaiya Bansiwala was from that film. His popular song in the film was Kisne Hai Ye Reet Banayi (out of 3 of his songs). I hope it is clear to you.

  3. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Thanks for clarification. Plesae post such songs when convenient

  4. my reward zone…

    […]Village Girl AKA Gaon Ki Gori (1945) songs « Some Vintage Bollywood Fun[…]…

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